josh + ramona are some of my oldest friends - the kind of friends that you make after taking your first steps into early adulthood. i feel like i had many kinds of friends at that point in my life, but the ones that stick out to me are these - the circumstantial friends (you know, the ones you work with but you don't really have anything in common), the party friends (the ones that taught you how to have a really good time but maybe also helped you get into a little bit of trouble), and the forever friends. these friends are the ones that might have come into your life for one of the other various reasons listed above, but there's a stronger connection here so you hang onto these friends for life.

josh + ramona are definitely in the "forever" category - both in their friendship with me and also their love for each other.

i hadn't seen them much lately (thanks, pandemic) but they happened to be available a few months ago when i was in raleigh for another project so i asked if i could photograph them. we spent an hour walking around dorthea dix, catching up, laughing, and talking about hopeful things to come. after a long year of so little human connection, i can't even begin to describe how nice it was to catch up with old friends for a walk with the most perfect weather.

cup filled.