kelli + justin agreed to shoot with me

for a few minutes a couple of weekends ago because i had a few new things i wanted to try out. all of my previous sessions had been cancelled due to the rain and i had a limited time window. with nothing to lose, i searched online for the nearest store that had clear umbrellas and ran out to buy them. what was meant to be a drizzle was more of a cold downpour. my fiance, ingrid, held an umbrella over me while i held an umbrella over my camera and kelli + justin held the clear umbrellas over themselves. and in just a few minutes - literally, like ten minutes - we made some magic happen.

i was shocked and also thrilled when justin threw down the umbrella he was holding and he and kelli started dancing in the rain. it was a movie-like moment.

when life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade. when life gives you rain, you can run to your nearest target and scoop up all the clear umbrellas they have. OR you can say screw the umbrellas and dance in in the rain.

here are some of my favorite photos from our rainy ten minutes together.