anniversary sessions - what are they and should you have one?

an anniversary session is a great way to commemorate the years passing since your wedding day - it can be one year, five years, or fifty years after. you could do them annually if you wanted to. it's a great way to celebrate and update photos of you and your love.

olivia reached out to me a few months ago about her and logan's upcoming anniversary. she told me she wanted to do a picnic with champagne and cake and i squealed at the opportunity. this session was so much fun and now i want to encourage everyone to do these!

here are some ideas for a picnic style session:

  1. olivia + logan did it right! and no detail was spared. olivia had a cake made by her cousin who is a baker extraordinaire. (tip: mimic the some of the flavors that were in your actual wedding cake, or if you went the traditional route and froze some, use that!)
  2. champagne is always a good idea, but make sure you bring flutes and some paper towels in case you make a mess. if you want to do champagne pop (or explosion) photo, make sure you save that for the end so clothes aren't ruined. if you get a bottle that's resealable, this is VERY easy to do.
  3. bring some fun details - olivia + logan brought their personalized napkins from their actual wedding and a cake topper with their name's and wedding date on it. so cute!
  4. you can never go wrong with flowers to dress up your picnic. the bouquet pictured here was a grocery store bouquet and worked beautifully.
  5. take some photos away from your picnic set up also! it's always good to have photos without whatever props you're working with.
  6. THIS IS A BIG ONE. leave no trace. make sure you bring bags and clean up everything you brought with you and discard of any trash.

so there you have it! if a picnic isn't your style, an anniversary session could be so many other things - a revisit of your first date, an in-home session, a session at a fun place you've travelled. there are really no limits!

i can't wait to do more of these and i'm happy to help you plan one!