There are a gazillion other wedding photographers in the world— I'm not kidding.

So it means the world to me that you're here in my little corner of the internet. 

However, I'm not the photographer for everyone and that's totally okay. Beyond us being mutually available on each others' calendars, it's most important to me that we align.

If I'm being totally honest (and I am because we're friends now),

I never wanted to photograph weddings.

Or people in a portrait sense at all, really.

I got my first Canon Rebel when I was seventeen, in my senior year of high school. Once I moved to college I quickly became a nightlife photographer (you know what I'm talking about— the kind that takes drunk, sweaty photos of you in that one bar). It was a horrible job with shitty pay but there are silver linings in all things and sometimes those silver linings are free beer.

Shortly after that I got a job at my school, East Carolina University, photographing student events and then moved on to taking photos of all of my friends and their bands.

I enjoyed the documentary side of it all, the it's-okay-if-you-missed-it-because-I-photographed-literally-every-moment kind of thing.

It wasn't until some friends asked me to photograph their pregnancy announcement that things began to click for me. They had struggled with fertility and this announcement was big. I cried during the session, cried while editing, and cried again when I delivered the photos. It was then I realized that a documentary approach blended with honest human connection, a human story was innately powerful.

I quickly fell in love with it all.

I wanted to create images where it didn't matter if you knew the subject, their name or occupation, or how they take their coffee— regardless of how much or little you knew, I wanted you to feel their happiness, their pain,

and most of all, their love.

A few things I love:

— my wife, Ingrid

— my two dogs, Gatsby & Piggy

— a good gin drink

— true crime obviously

— everyone else's dogs

— travel; national parks are my fave

— honest images

— Indian food

— new places

— old sweaters

— the color green

— adoptable dogs

— October

— people that do things their own way

— black coffee

These are my grandparents.

There is nothing special about these photos. They are not expertly posed or perfectly lit. Hell, one of them was shot on an iPhone 5.
But you know what? It doesn't matter.
When I look at them, I see two humans enveloped in love, so much so that all hands are on each other. So much so that my grandma broke her smile in laughter.

01 / 08

From my wedding in Banff National Park by Carey Nash.

your photos are important.



Almost two years ago, I realized something that almost every business owner eventually comes to know:
You can't do it all on your own.

Enter Hannah, a midwest transplant with a love for storytelling and serving others. Hannah is available to shoot weddings when I am already booked. She has been extensively trained by me and clients love her. When she's not shooting a wedding for me, she's likely second shooting a wedding with me.

Mady Noel Photo is a wedding and elopement photographer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Specializes in capturing honest portraits and documentary style wedding and elopement photography for all couples.  The East Coast and North Carolina are home but available for travel worldwide.